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Requirements for Support Recipients

«Requirements for support recipients»

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The project you proposed will be part of Pro Helvetia Johannesburg’s activities in the region. Receiving support from the liaison office of the Swiss Arts Council in Johannesburg does involve certain obligations. They fall into two categories:

  1. You must mention Pro Helvetia Johannesburg in your communication material and,
  2. You must supply Pro Helvetia Johannesburg with regular information about your project.

1. Mention of Pro Helvetia Johannesburg

You are required to acknowledge the support of Pro Helvetia Johannesburg in all announcements and communication material relating to the project (programmes, brochures, publicity material, websites, posters, flyers, social media, etc.). Should you not be organising an event yourself, you must ensure that the event organisers are aware of this requirement and are compliant.

With respect to the acknowledgement of Pro Helvetia Johannesburg, please note that Pro Helvetia Johannesburg is not a sponsor; it is supporting your project with public funds.

We therefore propose the text acknowledgement: This project is supported by Pro Helvetia Johannesburg, the Swiss Arts Council.

You are required to use the logo and to place it in an appropriate position so that it is clearly visible. Please refer to the Logo and Design Guidelines page on our website. 

2. Information about the project

Pro Helvetia Johannesburg must be informed immediately of any substantial changes to the project concept or implementation as specified in the original application (e.g. significant changes to the structure of the financing, in the participating artists or the cancellation of part of the project). Changes may mean that the Foundation’s support has to be reconsidered in whole or in part and require the project to be reassessed.

Please inform Pro Helvetia Johannesburg timeously about your premiere/vernissage/opening, or any public moments or interactions relating to or being part of your project.

Upon completion of the project you are required to file a detailed final report with Pro Helvetia Johannesburg, including a round-up of press reports, a statement of the costs of the project in accordance with the budget plan, detailing expenses and available financing, and documentation (programmes, publicity material, catalogues, CDs/tapes, photos, reviews).

Should you have any questions, please contact Pro Helvetia Johannesburg directly.