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Who writes his_tory? Unfuk the record

South Africa

November 17, 2018

Who writes his_tory? Unfuk the record

From 11:00 am to 6:00 pm

6 Verwey Street, Troyeville, 2094 Johannesburg, Gauteng

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Let‘s be honest: when it comes to history, the record is f*****. What would happen if we undid that? Join us for a full day of workshops focused on writing letters to history, learning how to spot and critique biased content on the internet, and how to edit the fifth largest website and largest digital encyclopedia in the world. This event is for folks interested in a different kind of social justice: information activism.

Why Wikipedia, though? Wikipedia is a prominent tool, to generate and conciliate knowledge and the web based research is a basic instrument and is a daily practice of many amongst us. But the relevant contemporary question is how knowledge and information is spread and how it is funded? And who is in charge to determine what’s relevant?

Let’s challenge structural discrimination on the internet and especially on Wikipedia. Let’s get active and to influence the ways we preserve information sustainably. Let’s question the way “our” history is written through a lens of intersectionality, scrutinize the historiography and add a feminist perspective to it. Let’s talk about a feminism that doesn’t exclude Black women, trans women, queer women, poor women, etc. It’s time we wrote our own his_tory!

Edit-a-thons with the subject Art and Feminism are held worldwide on all continents and are hosted here in Johannesburg by Daniela Brugger (artist in residence, Who writes his_tory?), McKensie Mack (Director Art+Feminism), Dumisani Ndubane & Bobby Shabangu (Wikimedia ZA) and Keleketla! Library.

Bring your laptop, tablet or smartphone. Editing instructions start at 11am, followed by a supported editing workshop and performances.

Keleketla! Library is an interdisciplinary, independent research and media arts project founded by Malose Malahlela and Rangoato Hlasane.

If more information or transportation is required, please contact:
(until Thursday, 15.11.2018)

The edit-a-thon is supported by ART+FEMINISM & Pro Helvetia Johannesburg