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I am Gule! SIDWADL’imask

South Africa

November 24, 2017

At 6:00 pm

8364 Twala Street, Orlando West, Soweto, Gauteng

+27 (0) 11 056 9027
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This installment of I AM GULE is in collaboration with Post-Chimurenga Postures, This Thing is Plural, Trackside Creative and Pungwe Nights.

Speaking to an UNSETTLED and TRANSITORY existence, to a condition of constantly PASSING through BORDERS, real and imagined, I AM GULE sees the artist revisit and recalls his own experiences in an attempt to rewrite our own stories and narratives, using sound as the language.

S’DWADL’IMASK¡ forms part of ongoing work around migrations, rituals as an act of transformation, and the power of the mask in assuming new identities. It explores the power of social experimentation, experience-making and spontaneous collaboration as modes of artistic production.

This closing ritual happens very aptly in Soweto, because this began as a conversation I was having with a Sowetan, Gen Sbu, when I first began revisiting some of my earlier memories. I was particularly drawn to the ritual of GULE WAMKHULU and its ability as a ritual to retrace my memories, and navigate the present. Since then, some 3 years ago. I am Gule rituals have been staged in two cities, Harare and Cape Town. In Johannesburg the exhibition will happen at Trackside Creative, Orlando East, Soweto. This in

The project is supported by an Ant Funding grant from Pro Helvetia Johannesburg, the Swiss Agency for development and cooperation (SDC).

Innocent Dwayne Kapula (1978 Zimbabwe), is a self taught Photographer/ Multi Media Visual Artist and DJ, based in Johannesburg, when not preoccupied with thematic of borders, be them geographical, personal or notions of home and movement within the African continent, he is curating and producing projects and events in the spaces between music, art and resistance. His current projects include a Multi Media night: Pungwe an inter-disciplinary project combining Audio based Archives, Visuals and related contemporary art discourses and practices. This collaborative practice takes the shape of Pungwe Nights a public platform, which hosts experimental underground movements. It is a participatory vigil involving bands, DJs, Sound and Visual artists and writers under the atmosphere of Chimurenga music (struggle music from Zimbabwe)