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Comum: Madagascar – Mozambique

November 25, 2017

Av. 24 de Julho esquina c/ Av. Olof Palme, Maputo

Comum is not a set piece, rather it is the name of a concept that wants to generate performances that get moulded to changing circumstances. It is a series of pieces open to the new, adapting to different spaces of the cities and its surroundings, indoors and outdoors. Each Comum transforms with the sensitivity of the collaborating artists with their diverse cultural and social backgrounds.

The streets of Africa’s cities are full of people towing their goods, rushing from one place to the other, trying to sell all kinds of trinkets to survive another day. In Maputo, you find baskets full of oranges on any corner. The orange is a symbol for the bitter ending of the dream that came with the independence, the Utopia of a more just society.

The orange is an acid knob that fills the mouth so it cannot express, it cannot shout out its frustration and anger. Instead, modern life has created a thirst for consumption that can never be relieved completely. It just gives a short sensation of consolation to the sellers and the buyers of trinkets, junk goods, which are offered on the corner just like the oranges.

Concept and artistic direction: Horacio Macuacua
Invited artists: Géraldine Leong Sang, Njara Rasami (Madagascar)
Edna Jaime, Janet Mulapha, Matanhane Abilio, Idio Chichava (Mozambique)
Presentation: 25th November 2017 at KINANI Festival Maputo
Duration: 20 min

This project is supported by an ANT Funding Grant from Pro Helvetia Johannesburg financed by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC).