Our Offices & Partners Abroad

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João Renato Orecchia Zúñiga | Research Trip

João Renato Orecchia Zúñiga is a Johannesburg-based artist, composer and musician. He is deeply enmeshed in the underground music and visual arts scenes of the city, which has brought him into regular contact with visiting Swiss artists over the past 12 years. In 2010 João spent time in Zurich on a residency to develop a …


Michèle Rusconi | Research Trip

Michèle Rusconi is a Swiss musician and composer. While on a research trip in South Africa for a project about the Coelacanth, she chanced to view a particular diorama in the East London Museum. This has inspirated her current project, “The Other Egg of the Dodo”. The new project will take the form of 50-minute …


Alicja Pilarczky | Research Trip

Basel-based violinist and performer Alicja Pilarczyk will undertake a research trip in Kenya from 7 February to 9 March 2023 in preparation for a project titled “Corpuscle”. The research and project focus on different cultural practices around loss and mourning. The subject of the research is inspired by Alicja’s personal story. In her early childhood …


Ann Mbuti | Research Trip

Ann Mbuti is a Zurich-based independent writer in the field of contemporary art and culture on topics that carry the potential for social change. Since 2020 she has been working on mythologies, because storytelling has been a way of sensemaking for centuries. Ann is interested in the notion of contemporary mythologies – the stories that …


Thabiso Nkoana & Pule Welch | Research Trip

Col.Aboration is an interdisciplinary, multimedia collaboration between South African artists Thabiso Nkoana (poet/musicologist), Pule Welch (linguist/rapper) and Thabiso Phepeng (artist/graphic designer) who is currently based in Zurich. The project, which explores ideas of connectivity, lineage and Afrocentricity through a process-oriented approach, began with a three-piece series titled Black Lines Matter which debuted at Black Art …


Quentin Clémence & Alice Weil | Research Trip

Studio ICAI (Interdisciplinary and Caring Architecture – For the Inhabitants) was founded by Quentin Clémence and Alice Weil in 2022 with the main objective of linking practice and research in the framework of interdisciplinary projects. The two architects will undertake a research trip in Madagascar from 15 December 2022 to 1 January 2023 in preparation …


Lost+Found | Research Trip

The East African Soul Train (EAST) is an artist-led initiative that brings artists from across disciplines and geographies together to experiment artistically and critically explore entangled histories and futures. EAST started as a 7-day pop-up residency centred around a journey on East Africa’s historic railways. Rendered impossible during the pandemic, EAST launched Lost+Found, a hybrid …


Barbara Ellenberger | Residency

Swiss theatre professional Barbara Ellenberger has begun her residency at the home of the Forgotten Angle Theatre Collaborative (FATC) at the Ebhudlweni Arts Centre in rural Mpumalanga, South Africa. Working closely with managing and artistic director PJ Sabbagha from August to December 2022, they will be exploring the impact of climate change on artistic practice. …


Malose Malahlela | Research Trip

Malose Malahlela co-founded Keleketla Media Arts Project NPC, a civic society organization that implements arts, culture and heritage programmes in Africa and the world. He spent June 2022 in Basel for a research trip to engage with institutions and organisations in the context of the Drill Hall Arts Advocacy Project. The project is concerned with …