Our Offices & Partners Abroad

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Photo by Dana Grunenfelder
Visual Arts

Gregory Hari | Residency

Zürich-based artist Gregary Hari has been awarded a 6-month residency in South Africa through the Atelier Mondial international residency programme. Gregory will be an artist in residence in Cape Town from August 2021 to January 2022. During his residency, Gregory aims to continue his research on cultural and racial stereotyping and the representation of political …

Visual Arts

Flurina Casty | Residency

Swiss artist Flurina Casty describes herself as a storyteller and employs methods of creative writing and performance. Her work is informed by in-depth experience-based research and often focuses on myths and histories surrounding a piece of architecture, urban site or natural topography. Each project begins as a text, which is re-formulated over an extended period …

Visual Arts

Andy Storchenegger | Residency

Andy Storchenegger’s artwork deals with the collective phenomena of the idea of paradise. He works in the fields of video, sculpture, performance, dance and installation. Research into archaic customs led him several times to the South Pacific, South America and Africa. In Switzerland he has also sought out the wild and primitive aspects from Swiss …