Our Offices & Partners Abroad

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Performing Arts

Jessica Huber | Home Not Alone Residency

Jessica Huber works as an artist in the field of the performing arts and is a founding member of mercimax, a theatre group and performance installation collective, based in Zürich. Over the past several years her work has been focusing on practices of exchange, sharing and collaboration – and on how to create spaces where different …

Performing Arts

Rudi van der Merwe | Research Trip

South African born, Geneva based performance artist Rudi van der Merwe will spend two weeks at the Ebhudlweni Arts Centre in rural Mpumalanga working with the Forgotten Angle Theatre Collaborative (FATC) dancers. During this research trip Rudi will be reworking his piece Blue Moves, originally created in 2018 at the ADC in Geneva. Blue Moves was conceptualised as …