Our Offices & Partners Abroad

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Martin Perret | Residency

Swiss percussionist, composer and band leader Martin Perret will be in South Africa on a residency from 24 September until 21 December 2021. He is interested in learning about the country’s many musical traditions and histories from local musicians. “This residency offers the unique opportunity of deep listening: to hear and experience the myriad of …

Dymphna Vandenabeele

Miron Andres | Residency

Swiss musician of Czech and Pashtun descend, Miron Andres’ diverse musical focus is shaped by free improvisation, avantgarde, experimental and postmodern/contemporary classical music. His roots however are in historical performance practice (medieval/renaissance and baroque). Recently, he has been exploring the musical practices of South Asia and collaborating with audio and visual artists. Miron explains his …