Our Offices & Partners Abroad

For detailed information please click on the offices and cultural centres below. For further information on the headquarters in Zurich please go to: www.prohelvetia.ch

Performing Arts

Kieron Jina | Residency

Kieron Jina works in the fields of performance art, choreography, theatre-making, and video art to tell stories that are underpinned by activism, explore societal themes and challenge stereotypes to captivate, activate and alter audiences’ minds. He works in a multi-layered way, and his point of departure when making new work is his immediate environment, which …


Hector Thami Manekehla | Residency

South African performance artist Hector Thami Manekehla begins an extended production residency in Geneva, Switzerland from May to August 2021 to develop his piece More and More. The piece emerged during the global shutdown last year when Thami found himself quarantined in Studio 44, the work space of one of the most celebrated performance artist …


Marilú Mapengo Námoda | Research Trip

Mozambican performance artist and activist Marilú Mapengo Námoda will spend the month of November at Kaserne Basel, Switzerland, carrying out research, meeting with other artists and developing work with local partners. The focus of the research trip is the continuation of a collaboration with Swiss choreographer and dancer Teresa Vittucci that started last year at …

Performing Arts

Agathe Tamo Djokam | Residency

Agathe Tamo Djokam is a Cameroonian dancer, choreographer and founder of the company Agathe Djokam and the association Corpo Symbiose. Agathe’s choreography is based on ongoing research into a technique called Djibi Badjep (Go and Return) which involves reflection on the body in a process of construction-deconstruction-reconstruction. Her background training is in hip-hop dance, which …


Dorine Mokha

Congolese choreographer and dancer Dorine Mokha will be on residency at Kaserne Basel, Switzerland, in December 2019 to complete the final piece in an autobiographical trilogy of works. Over the course of this year, Dorine has developed the work at Regional Mobility Partner Studios Kabako in Kisangani, who together with Kaserne Basel, are co-producing the …