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Artists in Residence

These are our current and past artists in residence.

November – January | Visual Arts

Wallen Mapondera

Born in 1985, Wallen Mapondera received a diploma in art training at the National Gallery of Zimbabwe Visual Arts Studios. He was first introduced to painting and drawing at Art school and uses these media to explore local and global issues around state power, corruption, authority, policing and protest. His work engages with the deadening …

Country of residency: Switzerland

October | Performance Art

Gavin Krastin

The Embassy of Foreign Artists will host a collective residency involving 3 artists, this residency project was initiated by the Embassy of Foreign Artists’ Richard Le Quellec and with Pro Helvetia Zurich. The idea was to test a new format of collective residency. The invited artists include Iranian dancer and choreographer Mohammad Abbasi, South African …

Country of residency: Switzerland

October - December | Performance Art

Ute Sengebusch & Jonas Gillmann

GUESTROOM is an analogue chatroom for the 21st century.  Artists generate knowledge and skills, triggered by guest-artist’s interventions. With this format of collective thinking, their aim is to sharpen the awareness of thinking processes and dialogue. Creators Ute Sengebusch and Jonas Gillmann will be on residency in South Africa from October to December. The artists …

Country of residency: South Africa

October 6 - 16 | Music

SwissUrbanLändlerPassion (SULP)

The Alphorn and the diatonic accordion easily identify as markers of Swiss traditional folk music and the musical style and line-up of trio SULP (SwissUrbanLändlerPassion) clearly locate the band in this domain. Simon Dettwiler (accordion), Matthias Gubler (saxophone) and Hannes Fankhauser challenge the long-held rural image of these music traditions and point to the fact …

Country of residency: South Africa

September 29 – October 16 | Music

Matchume Zango

Cândido Salomão Zango, also known as “Matchume,” has dedicated himself to Mozambican traditional music and dance since the age of six. He is currently regarded as one of the new masters of the timbila. His parents and grandparents are originally from Zavala, Inhambane Province, which is the center of Mozambique’s Timbila tradition. Inspired by this …

Country of residency: Switzerland

September 23 – October 21 | Music

Carlo Mombelli

South Africa jazz maestro Carlo Mombelli will be based at the Musikerwohnhaus in Basel, and while there will collaborate with a number of Swiss musicians including Siegfried Kutterer, Christoph Fellay, Florian Egli, and Jonas Ruther.  Carlo will do some teaching at the Jazz School in Basel, give a concert at the Jazzcampus on the 12th …

Country of residency: Switzerland

Artists-In-Labs, Fine Arts

Vanessa Lorenzo

Vanessa Lorenzo lives and works in Lausanne. Her practice is situated at the intersection of Media, Design and Biology. She creates fictional scenarios to contextualize the use of technology and DIY Biology through imagined objects; hybrid ecologies that usually embed the radical poetry of the more-than-human in order to affect the perception of our environment. …

Country of residency: South Africa

Artists-In-Labs, Fine Arts

George Mahashe

George Mahashe lives and works in Johannesburg. With photography as his focal point, George looks at the imagination manipulation and restoration of history. He is interested in photography’s ability to foster dialogue between people, young or old, rural or urban. He argues that people tend to open up and respond when a photograph is presented …

Country of residency: Switzerland

July - August 2018 | Visual Arts

Daniel Halter

Dan Halter is on a two month residency at Rote Fabrik in Zurich. He will be exploring the oddly symmetrical phenomenon of balancing rocks in both Switzerland and Zimbabwe, as a basis for the development of a new video work which explores ideas of stability and balance on a social, economic and political level in …

Country of residency: Switzerland


Emma Durden

Dr Emma Durden is a specialist in the field of theatre for development, with a focus on using theatre and other participatory techniques for public health and pro-social programmes.  She is a consultant to a number of organisations, including NGOs, municipalities, universities and businesses.  She is a lecturer in post-graduate research at AFDA School for …

Country of residency: Switzerland