Our Offices & Partners Abroad

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Artists in Residence

These are our current and past artists in residence.

May - July 2022 | Design

Arafa Hamadi | Residency

During their residency, Tanzanian designer Arafa Hamadi hopes to collaborate with queer/femme artists to create immersive physical installations based off their 3D designs.

Country of residency: Switzerland

April - June 2022 | Performing Arts

Va-Bene Elikem Fiatsi | Residency

Ghanaian multidisciplinary artist Va-Bene Elikem Fiatsi [crazinisT artisT] will be an artist in residence in Bern to develop a project titled “Ill-E-Girl BODY” which questions the criminalisation of “bodies” that stray outside of heteronormativity to express their own sense of being and spirit.

Country of residency: Switzerland

April - June 2022 | Music

Orakle Ngoy | Residency

During her residency in Switzerland, Congolese slam poet Orakle Ngoy will extend her feminist network and develop collaborations with local musicians for her upcoming album.

Country of residency: Switzerland

April 2022 | Music

Zagaza | Research Trip

During their research trip in Accra, Ghana, Zagaza will co-create a satellite installation called Club Secrets, to examine ways to rethink “conscious clubbing spaces” that centre the creative authority and cultures of Black women and queer communities.

Country of residency: Ghana

April 2022 | Performing Arts

Zoë Binetti | Research Trip

Swiss performing artist Zoë Binetti will spend a month in Ghana continuing her artistic research and hosting performance art drawing workshops with local artists.

Country of residency: Ghana

April - July 2022 | Visual Arts

Olaniyi Akindiya | Residency

During his residency, Nigerian artist Olaniyi Akindiya aims to research the history of industrial textiles on the continent and the influence of trade between Europe and Africa on contemporary material culture.

Country of residency: Switzerland

April - June 2022 | Performing Arts

Opiyo Okach | Residency

During his residency, Opiyo Okach will continue his exploration of multidisciplinary processes at the intersections of live performance and new media.

Country of residency: Switzerland

Ursula Markus

April - May 2022 | Music

Michèle Rusconi | Research Trip

Swiss composer Michèle Rusconi will spend time in South Africa on a research trip to develop a collaborative music and creative nonfiction project that explores survival in the Anthropocene era through a metaphorical treatment of the “living fossil” coelacanth fish.

Country of residency: South Africa

April-May 2022 | Literature

Sylvia Arthur | Research Trip

Sylvia Arther is the the founder of the literary institution, Library Of Africa and The African Diaspora (LOATAD) in Accra, Ghana. During her research trip, she hopes to visit Swiss literary museums Sylvia will visit various Swiss literary institutions to learn more about sustainability models.

Country of residency: Switzerland

March - May 2022 | Performing Arts

Collectif d’Art-d’Art | Research Trip

During their research trip, Michael Disanka and Christiana Tabaro of the Congolese collective Collectif d’Art-d’Art will develop their work Géométrie de vies which explores the theme of homecoming.

Country of residency: Switzerland