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Artists in Residence

These are our current and past artists in residence.

August - December 2022 | Multi-Disciplinary

Barbara Ellenberger | Residency [Mpumalanga]

During her extended research residency at the Forgotten Angle Theatre Collaborative in rural Mpumalanga, South Africa, Swiss theatre professional Barbara Ellenberger will be working closely with PJ Sabbagha to explore the impact of climate change on artistic practice.

Country of residency: South Africa

September 2022 | Music

Atiyyah Khan | Research trip [Basel, etc.]

During her research trip in Switzerland, South African arts journalist, DJ and researcher Atiyyah Khan will work on two jazz archive research projects as well as connect and exchange with local artists and institutions.

Country of residency: Switzerland

August - November 2022 | Performing Arts

Thando Mangcu | Residency

South African performer, director and writer Thando Mangcu looks forward to expanding her theatrical knowledge and dramaturgical and visual vocabulary during her residency at Grütli in Geneva.

Country of residency: Switzerland

August - September 2022 | Performing Arts

Koleka Putuma | Research Trip

During her research trip in Basel, South African theatre practitioner, writer and poet Koleka Putuma will spend time connecting with various plant medicine institutions and experts, as well as observe the rehearsal process of Swiss director Thom Luz.

Country of residency: Switzerland

August - September 2022 | Music

Benjamin Jephta | Research Trip

During his research trip in Basel, South African bassist Benjamin Jephta plans to develop compositions and collaborations with Swiss artists already in his network and beyond.

Country of residency: Switzerland

August 2022 | Music

Andrei van Wyk | Research Trip

During his research trip based at Musikerwonhuis in Basel, South African musician and sound artist Andrei van Wyk will continue his exploration of how sound art can be used as a conduit to investigate history and various social conditions and hierarchies.

Country of residency: Switzerland

August - September 2022 | Music

Luca Forcucci | Residency

Swiss-Italian artist and electroacoustic composer Luca Forcucci will be on residency in Ghana developing research around the sonic arts of rituals, ancestral and indigenous technology and knowledge.

Country of residency: Ghana

May, July - August 2022 | Visual Arts

Anke Zürn | Residency

During her residency in Senegal, Anke Zürn will initiate her new project BLUE GOLD exploring indigo traditions worldwide.

Country of residency: Senegal

2021-2022 | Multi-Disciplinary

Ella Elidas Banda / Ozhopé Collective | Sommerakademie Paul Klee Residency

Malawian artist Ella Elida Banda has been selected to join the Sommerakademie Paul Klee 2021-2022 hybrid physical/digital programme focusing on the feminisation of politics under the curatorial direction of Dora García.

Country of residency: Malawi, Switzerland

July - August 2022 | Literature

Andrea Keller | Residency

Swiss writer Andrea Keller will initiate a new project during her residency in Gabon that contemplates how we tell the story of our collective future.

Country of residency: Gabon