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Siegfried Kutterer

South Africa, Switzerland | Music


Siegfried Kutterer will embark on a month-long research residency in Johannesburg,  built around his new project, Confluence III.

Confluence is concept Kutterer coined to describe his project which combines European classical music with the music and art forms of non-European cultures. In 2013, he focused on South India with concerts in India, Switzerland and Germany. In 2015 Confluence II focused on China. Confluence III will be based on extensive studies of traditional music and its influence on contemporary art forms in Southern Africa.

Kutterer will be conducting an in-depth study of local traditions and contemporary music in South Africa and engaging with other artists in the areas of music, dance, painting and audiovisual art.

Kutterer was born in 1954 and studied classical percussion in Basel, Switzerland.  He has been a member of the Basel Symphony Orchestra since 1977.  He became a member of the Basel Percussion Ensemble conducted by Paul Sacher, as well as the Basel Percussion Trio which exclusively performed contemporary music.