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S. Fidelity

South Africa | Music


As a producer S. Fidelity has developed a unique and always driving sound, combining sampling techniques and classic beat making with unusual drum patterns, modern synth and atmospheric sound effects. His laid-back eclecticism is marked by a deep knowledge and fascination for Pop Culture as a whole. His Hip Hop style references various genres, including Jazz, Ambient, Disco and Electronica.

Fidelity was born in St. Gallen, Switzerland and mainly works in Berlin and currently resides in London. He has released two EPs: “From Five to Nine”, which was released by Feelin Music in 2014, and “Sidekicks”, a joint project with long-term friend and collaborator Bluestaeb in 2016.

He will join the WeHeartBeat Beats Lab facilitated in partnership with the Fak’ugesi Festival.

The Beats Labs is a 7-day collaboration project exploring the relationship between music, film, design, tech and digital innovation and how all these worlds intersect and collide with each other. Following the Beats Lab. S. Fidelity will also perform at the WeHeartBeat Music Festival, incorporating workshops, networking and mentorship sessions, concluding with a performance at the BLOC PARTY.