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Roger Sarr




This year the Pro Helvetia liaison offices in New Delhi and Cairo will also be sending participants from their region.

Senegalese dancer Roger Sarr has been selected to attend this year’s Seminar in Avignon from 13-21 July 2019. Roger began dancing in 2010, training at Ecole des Sables in Senegal, at the CDC La Termitière in Burkina Faso and later at the Château in his home city of Saint-Louis. In 2016 Roger joined the Diagn’Art Company where he began collaborating in the choreographing of productions.

Roger has recently created a piece called Labyrinthe for 10 dancers, co-created with Jules Romain Djihounouck Sans Issues, and a solo titled Beyond an Appearance developed during the laboratory at Fari Foni Waati Festival in Bamako in January 2019.

About participating in the Seminar in Avignon, Roger says: “Attending the Seminar would increase my knowledge in the field and help me to strengthen my network as a dancer and also as a cultural practitioner. My goal is not only to disseminate my creations on an international stage but also to share my knowledge with young people in my region who do not have the opportunity to travel and learn.”


Launched jointly by the Avignon festival and Pro Helvetia in 2013, The Seminar in Avignon offers up-and-coming young stage practitioners a platform for in-depth exchange in both theoretical and practical fields. Young artists from several countries are selected and given the possibility of participating in an intensive week of discovery in connection with contemporary artistic expression at the festival in Avignon. The programme enables participants – accompanied by a coach – to watch and discuss a wide variety of performances, to meet professional theatre practitioners from Europe and beyond, and to take part in debates with artists, critics and specialists of the performing arts who are attending the festival.