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Lilian Beidler

South Africa | Visual Arts

Visual Arts

Swiss artist, musician, performer and  composer Lilian  Beidler will be in Lesotho this Jan/Feb, researching the role of Switzerland in colonialism with a special focus on the role of women, post-colonialism, the heritage of imperialism, otherness and international feminism and how these topics relate to performative sound arts.

Beidler, 35,  will explore the subject by following the traces of Bertha Hardegger, a Swiss  doctor who worked in Lesotho from 1936-1970 as a missionary.

” I am also extremely fascinated by the conviction and dedication Hardegger showed in her work and life which 450-pages long dairies bear testimony to. I strongly identify with her as a young woman leaving her country to discover something new, her strong will to stand up for her ideas and projects, “trying to save the world” and helping people, says  Beidler.

About her work Beidler says: “I am interested in linking my artistic practice to international political relations, trans-cultural communication and scientific technical and sociological research.”

The goal of the residency is for Beidler to meet potential collaborators and devise a performative sound arts piece.