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Georgina Maxim

Switzerland | Fine Arts

April – June — Fine Arts

Georgina Maxim will be mining oral and dress traditions during her residency at the Embassy of Foreign Artists in Geneva. Her work involves the collecting of dresses and the re-enacting / re-imagining of their original context of creation and use, through the deployment of materials inspired by stories. Her time in Geneva will be used as a basis for the staging of a solo exhibition in Harare in the latter part of 2017. She says of her residency:

“I just hope what I expect from a residency of solitude and of burning it all out and releasing all that continues to be bottled up and is never set free is exactly what will happen and the works will be allowed to be a testimony of that.”

Georgina Maxim is “a mixed media found object” artist and arts manager based in Harare, Zimbabwe. For many years she was an important part of the administration of Gallery Delta, while at the same time pursuing her own practice. Together with Misheck Masamvu, she is the co-founder of Village Unhu, which today functions as an artists collective and has a space for residencies and exhibitions in Chisipite, Harare.

Embassy of Foreign Artists Village Unhu