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Florian Götte | Research Trip

Namibia | Music

March - April 2023 — Music

Traces of Memory

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Swiss musician Florian Götte will undertake a research trip in Namibia from 26 March to 15 April 2023 in the context of an interdisciplinary theatre work planned for summer 2023 in Munich. The research forms part of “Traces of Memory”, a larger examination of Germany’s colonial past in “German Southwest Africa” initiated by director and stage designer Sebastian Hirn.

Florian’s research, titled “Interferences and Fragments of Memory”, looks to develop the sonic accompaniment to Sebastian’s cinematic and physical survey of monuments, buildings and sculptures erected in Namibia during the course of German imperialism. Together with artists in Namibia, Florian aims to trace musical adaptations of the Christian mission, the changes in traditional music and collect field recordings at sites of the first genocide of the Herero and Nama people. This research will inform his composition of large arcs of sonic moods and motifs that will accompany video montage and text.

During his trip in Windhoek and other locations, Florian will work with artists Muningandu Hoveka, Gift Uzera and Hildegard Titus, who will also participate in the theatre production in Munich.


Florian Götte is a musician from Zurich, who works as a freelance musician, composer and music educator. He plays electric bass and electric guitar in local bands and international projects, with a particular focus on experimental and improvised music. Florian composes and produces music for bands, film and theatre.  He has worked with Swiss artists such as Disco Doom and Evelinn Trouble.