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Fanny Vaucher | Research Trip

Comoros | Literature

June-July 2023 — Literature

Fanny Vaucher

Artist website

Swiss illustrator and comic book author Fanny Vaucher will spend time in Moroni in the Comoros from 27 June-26 July 2023 for a research trip to develop a new book project exploring the topic of death.

Fanny’s interest in the Comoros arose from encountering the diaspora community in Marseille. The archipelago is not well known in Switzerland, which is precisely why it appealed to her. During her trip Fanny hopes to be inspired by the new context and looks forward to meeting people from a variety of backgrounds, trades and experiences to exchange stories, thoughts and opinions about life and death and everything in between. These encounters will inform the graphic style for the new project and provide material to flesh out the story.


Fanny Vaucher is a Swiss comic book author. She has published several solo and collaborative editions, including Pilules polonaises 1 et 2 (Éd. Noir sur Blanc), Les Paupières des poissons (Éd. La Plage), Le Siècle d’Emma and Le Siècle de Jeanne (Éd. Antipodes). She is a co-founder of the collective La bûche, in which she has been involved since 2015 in the promotion of women comic artists in French-speaking Switzerland. Her projects often focus on real life and related themes, but she is attached to the poetic dimension of her texts. In 2023, she working towards completing a new book, Un volcan par jour (to be published in August, Éd. Antipodes), and is developing the foundations for her next project, devoted to the relationship with death.

[Portrait: Przemek Dzienis]