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Faizal Mostrixx Ddamba | Residency

Switzerland | Performing Arts

April - June 2023 — Performing Arts

Faizal Mostrixx

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Faizal Mostrixx is a self-taught Ugandan dancer, choreographer and music producer who has pioneered a singular Afro-futurist hybrid musical style. His infectious new sound, “tribal electronics”, weaves regional beats, instruments and moods with electronic soundscapes and hypnotic indigenous urban dances. In his music and performances, Mostrixx tells stories that explore concepts of futurism and ignite new inspiring narratives of Africa.

In 2018 Mostrixx conceptualised, choreographed and produced an immersive live stage show for himself and two dancers. “Afro-Aliens” is an intense multi-media Afro-futurist experience blending historical references with a science fiction vision of the future. During his residency at Rote Fabrik in Zurich from 3 April to 30 June 2023, Mostrixx intends to collaborate with Swiss partners to expand the “Afro-Aliens” universe with video projection/mapping and rework it into a live music/dance/visual solo performance.


Working under the moniker Mostrixx, Faizal Ddamba is a storyteller. An afro-futurist Ugandan griot. An avant-garde music producer, DJ and remixer wielding electrifying sets; an urban dancer and choreographer, as well as an experimental visual artist. As a dancer, Faizal embraces breakdance, body-popping, traditional African and experimental contemporary forms. He was active in the development of Batalo East dance festival and the nation-wide Ugandan Breakdance Jams. Besides mentoring the new wave of Ugandan dancers, he has developed his own style incorporating elements from broad horizons while reflecting on his origins and the search for a sense of belonging. As a musician, since his debut album “Tribal Match” (2017), Mostrixx has broken new ground with a series of genre-bending releases. Mostrixx has grown from captivating the underground local scene to becoming a regular feature on the global circuit having headlined major festivals such as Nyege Nyege (Uganda), Africa Nouveau (Kenya), and Africolor (France).

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