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Ed Young


August - September

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Ed Young is a conceptual South African artist working in a range of media from hyperreal sculpture to scripto-visual painting, murals, video, giraffes, teddy bears and children. Recent personal projects and exhibitions include HERO at OPEN 24HRS, BAD GALLERIST – a solo presentation at SMAC Cape Town in 2018, ARTEMONTE-CARLO in 2018, CASH OR CARD – a solo presentation at SMAC Johannesburg in 2017, and a solo project for THE ARMORY SHOW’s Focus section in 2016 in New York.

Ed has now been invited to take part in a research residency at the 25Hours Hotel in Zurich in August – September 2019 combined with a solo project running concurrently at Die Diele, facilitated by Message Salon. Message Salon Embassy invites artists from abroad to stay, work and connect in Zürich up to four weeks. The Message Salon Embassy is an artist-run-artist-residence project by Esther Eppstein’s Message Salon. The shop window of Die Diele on Sihlhallenstrasse is open around the clock to the public, and is an experimental space offering an alternative to the institutionalised and commercialised art of our time.

During a 2018 residency at the INDEX: Freiraum-Stipendium in Zurich, Ed established a small network of artists with whom he interacts. During his upcoming residency in August and September 2019 he intends to expand this network with the view to establishing more formal exchange and collaboration between artists in Zurich and Cape Town.

IT’S FUN WITHOUT YOU two shop window installation on Sihlhallenstrasse 4, Zurich

Photos: Livio Baumgartner / Die Diele