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Carlo Mombelli

Switzerland | Music

September 23 – October 21 — Music

South Africa jazz maestro Carlo Mombelli will be based at the Musikerwohnhaus in Basel, and while there will collaborate with a number of Swiss musicians including Siegfried Kutterer, Christoph Fellay, Florian Egli, and Jonas Ruther.  Carlo will do some teaching at the Jazz School in Basel, give a concert at the Jazzcampus on the 12th October and at the Birds Eye on 17 October 2018. Carlo is currently on sabbatical from WITS University, where he is a professor in the music department, and will use the research residency to further investigate and create new music.

In Carlo’s words:
“As I am interested in the beauty in composition, compositions that say something and storytelling, and new ways of creating composition from the use of home built instruments using them in electro acoustic designs, I have heard and seen the most interesting and innovative artists coming out of Switzerland and I hope to connect with artist to learn, work and create music.”

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