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Bubblegum Club

Switzerland | Multi-Disciplinary

February — Multi-Disciplinary

Bubblegum Club creative director Jamal Nxedlana and editor Christa Dee will be on a research residency in  Zurich and Lausanne, this February.

Bubblegum Club is seeking to expose them selves to the arts and youth culture scene in Switzerland and meet with practitioners especially those in visual arts, music, performance, fashion and publishing.

Having been involved in the South African arts and culture scene over the last few years Bubblegum Club have found that the ceiling for, cultural production which attempts to say new things and develop new ideas and types of expression / production is low.

“We at Bubblegum Club feel that we will potentially hit that glass ceiling in the next two or three years and as a way to preempt this we would like to start exploring possibilities and developing relationships abroad with the purpose of initiating crosse-border collaborations and also to develop our audiences abroad.”

“We are particularly interested in exploring markets in other African countries, Europe and America as these are the places we are seeing the most interest thus far.”