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Ariry Andriamoratsiresy

SADC, SDC | Dance, SDC

07 - 13 August — Dance, SDC

Jary, is a research residency Ariry Andriamoratsiresy ,from RARY dance company Madagascar, would like to set up in collaboration with Mauritian artists in May- June in Mauritius (from 28th May til 4th June 2017) and in August (from 7th to 13th August) in Madagascar.

The main goal of this project is to begin to build a strong artistic bridge between these two islands. Jary, in Malagasy, could mean change, mutation, transformation, improvement, modification and deterioration. This project is supported by ANT Funding Grant from Pro Helvetia Johannesburg and is set up in partnership with Danse Cité dance company from Mauritius.

Residency schedule:

Period: 29th May until 4th June 2017
Duration: one week
Place: Mauritius


  • To meet Mauritian artistic environment
  • To identify the Mauritian artist (apart from Jean Renat) who may collaborate with the two Malagasy artists for experimentation or a creation.

Schedule: Two Malagasy artists  will meet Mauritian artists (dancers, visual artists, musicians…) and Mauritian curators and places owners through dance workshop and /or meetings.

Second period of residency:

Period: 7th until 13th August 2017
Duration: one week
Place: Madagascar


  • To continue the piece “Hide & Seek”, the result of collaboration between Jean Renat and five Malagasy artists (4 dancers choreographers and a singer), which has begun during the 321 festival
  • To begin the new exploration between the two Malagasy artists (Ariry included) and the Mauritian artist identified during the first period.
  • To plan presentation of excerpts of the two Madagascar-Mauritius collaborations during Labdihy(“Hide&Seek” and the Madagascar- Mauritius collaboration project).

Schedule: Two Mauritian artists (Jean Renat included) will attend to the 7th edition of Labdihy, the biennale choreographic lab, the RARY Company have been organising since 2005. During their stay, Jean Renat will give a workshop for Malagasy dancers and the other artist will explain his or her work to the Labdihy audience. Two residencies (“Hide&Seek” and the Madagascar- Mauritius collaboration project) will take place at the same time.


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