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Arafa Hamadi | Residency

Switzerland | Design

May - July 2022 — Design

Arafa Hamadi

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La Becque

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Arafa Hamadi is a multidisciplinary artist based in East Africa. Their background in architecture led them into the fields of structural design and creating immersive environments for East African festivals. During COVID-19 times, they ventured into 3D world building and creating dynamic online spaces.

During their residency at La Becque in Geneva from May to July 2022, Arafa hopes to collaborate with queer/femme artists to create two installations that use geometry, abstraction and scale to reflect and emphasise the art and artists that inhabit it.

Having worked primarily on digital projects, Arafa is looking forward to the opportunity to work in an outdoor space and explore and imagine physical realities without the boundaries of walls. They are interested in the concept of immersion and structural solidity/transparency. Arafa will use 3D design tools to create dynamic spaces, which will then be translated into physical spaces in collaboration with local builders and fabricators using local materials.


Arafa Hamadi is a multi-disciplinary visual artist and set designer based in Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania, with a degree in Architecture from the University of Edinburgh. They work in various creative fields from set and production design for major East African festivals to freelance graphic designing, podcasting and Swahili-English translations. They are interested in human-centred and immersive design schemes.