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Antje Schupp

South Africa, Switzerland | Theatre t+T fotografie

November - December 2016 — Theatre

Director and performer Antje Schupp will be in South Africa for a three-month residency that will be divided between Johannesburg and Cape Town. Schupp takes a multi-disciplinary approach to theatre making and creates works with a focus on contemporary socio-political developments, with an emphasis on collaboration.

“In my works, I often use documentary and scientific material, but I also make my personal perspective on the topic visible as well as the one of the artists I’m collaborating with,” she says.

While in South Africa the German native now based in Basel, hopes to collaborate with local artists in exploring the topic of the Pink Dollar, and she is also now engaging with the #Feesustfall movements.

Within the three months, Schupp plans to do intensive research, find partners to collaborate and initiate work on a common performance.