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Africa, what’s up?

Switzerland | Music

9 - 14 February — Music

From 9th to 14th of February, SHAP SHAP will gather a group of South-African and Geneva-based artists for a one-week creative residency during Festival Antigel in Geneva.

This second edition of the residency aims to pursue the conversation initiated in 2018 by CUSS and SHAP SHAP about new creative and production processes, international mobility, togetherness, activism and global issues.

Dedicated to all of the guest artists of the music line up SOUTH AFRICA X GENEVA ONE LOVE curated by CUSS and SHAP SHAP, the residency will have them all (CUSS, Dear Ribane, Moonchild Sanelly, Angel-Ho, Gyre, Maité Chénière and the members of their House of Butch Extravanganza collective) in dialog and sharing ideas, experimenting creative concepts and designing their collective performance taking place at Grand Central in Geneva on February the 14th and at the Palace in St Gallen the 15th.