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She Got Game: Selected participants

View the full list of «She Got Game» participants here.

Pro Helvetia launched its first-ever call for participation for women in the interactive media sector with «She Got Game». This mentoring and networking programme aims to strengthen equal opportunities in the game industry, both in Switzerland and in the regions covered by Pro Helvetia’s liaison offices.

«She Got Game» is designed to break down barriers to access, qualification, networking and visibility for women in the game industry. It offers participants one-on-one mentoring with proven experts as well as online lectures, peer-to-peer forums and an opportunity to showcase their work. The manifold offerings enable promoting entrepreneurial and professional competencies and achieving practical objectives.

We’re pleased to announce the game industry professionals from our region that were selected to join the «She Got Game» programme, and join the full group of participants from Switzerland, China, India, Russia and Tunisia.

Suzan Adinoyi [Nigeria] is the founder and CEO of Zannoza Entertainment, whose goal is to grow the African gaming ecosystem by creating innovative solutions and experiences through games. She has designed game experiences for corporate organisations around team building, consumer engagement, etc. and is about to launch her first mobile game called Afrocity PI.

Project “AFROCITY PI” is a spot the difference game where the player gets to train their wit, observation skills and sharpen their investigative mind. Every image tells a story, and every level can be replayed with different levels of observations to spot. It is a great platform to communicate, educate and promote culture.

Mentor: Martina Santoro, Founder, OKAM studio; Founder, Latam Video Games Federation

Dooshima Lois Anger [Nigeria] is an urban and regional planning graduate from the University of Lagos. She began her career as a software developer before transitioning to game development three years ago.

Project “Survival Skater” is a mobile game set in a post-apocalyptic world where humanity has suffered a major crisis. The player explores this word, avoiding zombies and navigating ruins, to deliver pizzas to survivors.

Mentor: Sithe Ncube, Associate Producer, Nyamakop; Strategic Advisor, Black Game Developer Fund

Adeline Tushabe [Uganda] is a Kenya-based programmer and technical designer working mainly with video games. She works on projects for several platforms including Mobile (Android & iOS), VR and PC. Some of the projects she has worked on include an audio game that was developed for blind and visually impaired players.

Project “Two Halves” is a 2D puzzle game that develops creative thinking. Two players using the same controls must think of creative ways to work together in the game environment to solve the puzzle.

Mentor: Yasemin Günay, Co-Founder, Koboldgames