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Eclectic Alpine Groove tour [Johannesburg, Cape Town, etc.]

Tour schedule

20.12.22 – Native Rebels, Soweto feat. Siyabonga Mthembu / Jab A Jaw
21.12.22 – Aliance Francais, Pretoria
22.12.22 – Untitled Basement, Joburg feat. Siyabonga Mthembu / Jab A Jaw
23.12.22 – Jazzroom, Rosebank
27.12.22 – Selective Hearing, Cape Town
28.12.22 – Blueroom, Cape Town
02.01.23 – Waterfront Arena, Cape Town

Swiss musicians Enrico Lenzin and Andi Pupato together with Ananda Geissberger in the role of cultural mediator will be on tour in South Africa from 20 December 2022 to 1 January 2023. They are approaching the tour as a “residency on wheels”, and in addition to playing shows, intend to create video and audio recordings and exchange musical and cultural experiences with local artists.

The three friends have already launched several projects in Switzerland and have often worked with artists from Africa (Guinea, Senegal, South Africa and Tanzania to name a few). Based on these experiences, the idea arose to deepen this exchange between Switzerland and South Africa.

The two musicians are well-known for their experimental projects and their high musical quality. They play on Swiss instruments and other traditional devices that are used as musical instruments at their concerts. A central focus will be the exchange with various local groups who, like Enrico and Andi, explore the creative scope of traditional music in innovative directions.


Enrico Lenzin was born in 1971 in the Rhine Valley of St. Gallen, studied in Vienna and at the Conservatory in Lucerne with Pierre Favre. He is considered one of the most versatile and creative drummers, alpine horn players and rhythm artists in Switzerland. He started his solo career in 2016 with a performance at the “Grössten Schweizer Talenten”. He has performed in over 25 countries and his performance are broadcast on many TV shows at home and abroad. He plays a cool mix of traditional and modern music, combined with loops, rhythm and tap dance to techno music.

Andi Pupato studied percussion in Zurich and later attended the Escuela de superación profesional de musica Ignacio Cervantes in Havana. He was also taught by José Luis “Changuito” Quintana. In 1994 he studied traditional African percussion in Senegal with Bilal Kounta and played in his band Dougou-Fana. He then worked with Polo Hofer and with Gotthard. Until 1997 he was part of Grand Mother’s Funck.
In 2002 Nik Bärtsch brought him into his band Ronin, and he toured internationally until 2012 and released various records. Andi is also a member of Andreas Vollenweider’s band, with whom he recorded several albums. He is also a member of Stiller Has. Furthermore, he worked with Kol Simcha, Corin Curschellas, Hans Feigenwinter, Don Li, Mich Gerber or Thierry Lang. Andi is also active as a studio musician and can be heard on recordings by Nina Corti and Brothertunes.

Ananda Geissberger is a renowned Africa expert, photographer and cultural mediator. Since 2004 he has been working intensively with musicians and other artists from the African continent. Since 2011 he has run a cultural centre in Eastern Switzerland where he has realized over 1000 concerts and other events such as festivals and residency projects. Since 2006, he has produced various festivals with an African focus. For the last six years he was the managing director of the Afro-Pfingsten Festival, which is one of the largest and best-known African festivals in the world, attracting over 70,000 visitors annually. He is also on the board of African Fashion Night Zurich, an upcoming festival with a focus on African fashion and culture. As a photographer, musician, certified Safari guide, and as a traveller, he has visited about 23 countries in Africa and has actively studied the history, culture and politics of the continent during his stays as well as at home in Switzerland.