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Announcement: Confluences successful projects

Confluences open call

We are pleased to share the list of successful projects from the Confluences open call, focusing on supporting the co-creation of new work between musicians based in the region and Switzerland who have an existing creative relationship.

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Cart Blanche by Yollande Orakle Ngoy (DRC) and Sarah Elena Müller & Matti Schulz (Switzerland). Emerging from connects established during Orakle’s residency in Basel, the artists plan to produce and give shape to a musical universe exploring ideas and synergies.

Hook X Karun EP by Karungari Mungai (Kenya) and Jean Geissbühler (Switzerland). Hook and Karun have been frequent collaborators since 2019. They now plan to make more music together with the intention of releasing a project that will open up new markets for both artists.

Rhythms to our Ancestors by Matchume Zango (Mozambique) and Jul Dillier (Switzerland). A collaborative project in honour of the rhythmic heritage, music, songs and instruments passed down from the musicians’ respective grandfathers.

Robin Thirdfloor & Dejot – Ukuvaleka project by Simphiwe Nyawose (South Africa) and Daniel Jakob (Dejot) (Switzerland). Following the 2016 releases of Bhotela, the two musicians regroup to collaborate on new ideas that will touch on the various challenges creatives went through during the pandemic.

Musik mit Gästen by João Orecchia (South Africa) and Mario Marchisella (Switzerland). The two electroacoustic musicians and composers will invite different musicians to collaborate on musical works for a new project. This is an extension of a conceptual concert series in 2009 in Johannesburg and 2010 in Zurich.

Black Eagle Moon by Shane Cooper (South Africa) and Julian Sartorius, Ganesh Geymeier, Martina Bether & Vojko Huter (Switzerland). Shane Cooper will complete the recording of this new album, begun in 2020, featuring Swiss musicians as well as perform the music at JazzWerkstatt Bern in March 2023.

In Motion Revisited: The African Renaissance by Vuma Levin (South Africa) and Martin Perret, Théo Duboule & Matthias Spillmann (Switzerland). The project aims to create dialogue between folkloric musics of Swiss and South African origin. 16th Century Madrigals translated by the Basel-based physician Felix Platte are recomposed through the lens of black South African musics.

Blaxis / S’exprimer! or Black Joy – The Global Hangover by BLK JKS & Zen Marie (South Africa) and duo Joy Frempong & Marcel Blatti (stage name Lleluja-Ha) who perform together as ‘OY! (Switzerland). This project aims to amplify the young, African, Asian, diasporadical activist voices by turning some of their best quotes into songs.

Skyjack in South Africa by Marc Stucki (Switzerland) and Jonno Sweetman, Kyle Shepherd, Shane Cooper, Sibonga Konke & Romy Brauteseth (South Africa) & Andreas Tschopp (Switzerland). Skyjack emerge from Covid-hibernation with to work on new material and develop a new sound for the band.

Yao Bobby & Simon Grab – feat. MX Blouse by Simon Grab (Swtitzerland) and Yao Bobby (Togo) & MX Blouse (South Africa). Yao Bobby and Simon Grab have been building their artistic career as a duo over the last four years. They are now entering a new phase and will collaborate with rapper and performer MX Blouse.

Fendika & K-Sanchis – new repertoire by Jeroen Visser (Switzerland) and Melaku Belay Emeru (Ethiopia). This project will expand on an existing relationship between  Fendika, a cultural centre and resident band in Addis Ababa, and K-Sanchis, the duo of Swiss musicians Jeroen Visser and Steve Buchanan.

The Laboratory by Fred Hirschy (Switzerland) and Tumi Molekane (South Africa) & Noumoucounda (Senegal). The artists will gather in Dakar to develop new work as the basis for a future Afro hip hop project.

How shall we call this feeling (my love)? by Dion Monti (Switzerland) and Nonku Phiri (South Africa). In this improvisation-led project, the artists contemplate the simple but powerfully intimate questions of our basic vocabulary and language for feelings.

Rolex by Brian Bamanya (Uganda) and Manuel Oberholzer (Switzerland). The two artists, who met during Brian’s research trip at SMEM, will use this opportunity to bring forth their ideas into a meaningful musical project.

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