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SHAP SHAP MIXTAPE VOL.1 [Geneva, online]



Since 2015 SHAP SHAP has been developing South-South networks of underground and underrepresented artists through the annual curated residency inside the Antigel Festival in Geneva. Initiated in 2021 during the pandemic, MIXTAPE VOL.1 brings together 11 artists from Cape Town, Geneva, Johannesburg, Mexico City and San Salvador who are all committed to supporting and promoting the independent alternative scene in their territories. The mixtape features 8 original tracks by Anita Kirppis, Bone Black Chaos Clay, El Irreal Veintinuo, La Sokko, Reburra, Rose Bonica, TheGoodDokta and X14. The compilation is co-curated by Geneva-based visual artist and DJ Anita Kirppis and Johannesburg-based Jamal Nxedlana of CUSS Collective and Bubblegum Club, a long-time collaborator of SHAP SHAP.

SHAP SHAP founder and director, Mélanie Rouquier explains: “This collaboration contributes to affirming SHAP SHAP’s vision of a ‘multiplicity of worlds’ as described by the Colombian anthropologist Arturo Escobar. A vision that pushes us to collectively think of a rebalanced global world where boundaries break down before they even exist, a world that ensures equal opportunities, that is committed to the diversity of bodies, narratives and aesthetics in both cultural spaces and society.”

In the context of the release in Geneva on 5 November 2022, SHAP SHAP has organised a three-day residency with artists from the mixtape and local guests and programmed a music lineup at Motel Campo hosted by Anita Kirppis with DJ sets by Bone Black, Reburra, Chaos Clay, La Sokko and Rose Bonica.

The residency looks to create an ephemeral space for exchange, research and creative collaborations between artists. Jamal Nxedlana and Moipone Tlale from Bubblegum Club will lead two workshops focusing on social media best practices for independent musicians on how to promote their music and grow their online audiences.


Anita Kirppis use various forms of expression such as contemporary jewellery design, experimental and documentary videos, and her more recent project music research (DJ-ing and podcasts). With her underground, unabashed, hybrid and decolonial musical world, the Geneva DJ ANITA KIRPPIS translates her euro-Latin heritage in the present and contributes to the renewal of alternative club music. She’s the founder of SANTERIA FUEGO CLUB parties which promote the underground Latin musical scene in Geneva since 2014, by reclaiming, in an inclusive manner, the genre’s music and legacies. The parties successfully, freely and diversely bring together local and international DJ aiming a place to express freely diversity and inclusion.

Bone Black is a DJ and producer based in Switzerland. He blends dark hard-hitting yet smooth Gqom with Afrohouse stuttering vogue beats and percussive diasporic tracks creating a unique soundscape that offer a deep gaze into a digital future. Currently DJ at B2B2B. Co-founder of collectif QULT, queer events in Lausanne (CH). Reverend Kei of the Kiki House of Dorsey-Swann.

Chaos Clay is an afro-futurist DJ, producer, and party curator based in Geneva. In their practice, they merge the cultural productions of racialized queer people, theoretical and popular knowledge to channel an emancipatory discourse. They founded the Archipelagogo Club events, promoting the richness, complexity and political legacy of club culture. Through music, they manipulate space and time, inviting fluid and mutating bodies on the dancefloor. They’ve been playing in Fort-de France, Johannesburg, Roma, Paris, Berlin, and throughout Switzerland, eclectic sets revolving around House, and Ballroom music.

Coming from the State of Mexico, Bryan Dálvez is a producer and visual designer. His current musical project as El Irreal Veintiuno has led him to consolidate a provocative style within club music; hybridizing, claiming and evolving peripheral rhythms from an insightful and euphoric vision. Influenced by the syncopated rhythms of the Mexican tribal and dembow, exploring the cadences of grime and hardcore music, the forcefulness of his work materializes in an autobiographical energy that explores new possibilities between the Latin and contemporary.

La Sokko is a DJ and promoter from El Salvador. Currently living in Maryland, U.S.A, she has been all around, from El Salvador to Guatemala and directly to the United States, focusing on creating a cultural exchange between these three places. “Escucha a las brujas” is her first track and collaboration ever! La Sokko is looking forward to learning about music production and is happy to have a master like Lunàtica as her teacher.

Lunàtica is a producer and DJ from Colombia but based in NYC. Her sound is a ritual of sounds and an instrument for her melodies spells. She gets inspired by this world’s mysterious sounds, creating a deconstructed techno-gothic piece. A unique style between club and beauty mixed with bliss, Lunàtica’s productions take our souls to the next level experience.

Pavillon is Jeremy Calame and Fabio Poujouly, two Swiss artists and composers who got together in 2016 to offer, propose, but above all to share their common passion: music. Lulled by the attention to narrative detail, their mission translates into the exchange of emotion through sounds.

Gaby Rivera AKA Reburra (she), is a DJ, singer and cultural manager based in San Salvador. Lover of cumbia, she starts her career in the Salvadorian dancefloors as part of the first promo of the mixed institute of flavor of Sister Natty (2019) after a career as a singer of projects like Cartas a Felice and Manyula Dance Club and her work as gestorx in the first artistic residence of El Salvador La Resi. She is currently part of the netlabel and virtual hub GhettoWitchez dedicated to unite and disseminate the work of Latin American underground musicians and artists.

Based in South Africa, Rose Bonica’s work is a reflection of her perspective on everything from love and pain to the joys of domestic cats, or the experience of navigating a world in crisis. Having released her critically acclaimed debut album Tears For The Tea Maker two years ago, the producer/visual artist has won over the hearts of many music lovers with her unconventional, yet complex and diverse production style. Since, she has had two international releases on Jamz Supernova’s ‘Future Bounce’ and Machine Woman’s ‘Take Away Jazz Records’ and is fresh from shows in Europe, including Lighthouse Festival Croatia. Rose, however, doesn’t only make great music, she’s also the founder of Roses Are Red, an independent South African Label, as well as having created trippy music videos for fellow artists, such as Alinka and Wayne Snow.

Zamani Xolo also known as Thegooddokta is a music producer/multidisciplinary artist living and practising in Johannesburg South Africa. For over a decade Zamani has been part of Johannesburg’s most influential creative collective Boyznbucks, art group CUSS as well as a music and performance art duo Dirty Paraffin. As a co-founding member of the three he has spent over ten years performing and showcasing in multiple spaces and stages throughout South Africa and Europe and contributing his sonic and visual skills for the three entities, his solo endeavours and beyond. Zamani is currently working as a music producer, sound designer and art director for a leading arts, culture and media agency Bubblegum Club.

X14 is an innovator and force to be reckoned with in South Africa’s current sonic landscape. As a DJ, X14 moves swimmingly from slow sultry trap tempos to hi energy electronic techno that include a lot of their own experiments and production which makes it difficult to pin X14’s style down. X14 has just wrapped up an EP with Wet Dreams International Founder and Creator, Big Space that is due for release November 2022 under their moniker Northern Alliance. It will be released with a documentary on their self-created genre called “Kaff Tek”.