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ANT Adaptation Music

BiaAfrika Cultural Exchange by Root Afrika Music

Monze, Lusaka, Livingstone in Zambia & Harare, Zimbabwe

September – December 2021

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BiaAfrika is a cultural exchange project by Root Afrika Music focusing on the indigenous music and musicians in Zambia and Zimbabwe. The project aims to provide an opportunity to explore cultures, traditions, customs, beliefs and languages through music. 

Through audio and visual recordings with musicians in the two countries, the project aims to archive and share the stories and history of indigenous music, the unique instruments as well as the influence of migration.

By bringing indigenous knowledge and the dynamics of modern musical innovation together, BiaAfrika hopes to ensure continued creative vibrancy in the African music community. The project will enable cultural transmission from one generation to the next, preserving musical history and broadening audiences. 

BiaAfrika aims to create continuity and innovation in performing art through creation, performance and appreciation of exceptional works that enrich and honour musical history and traditions while bringing them into coordination with contemporary creative works. 

By profiling, preserving and promoting creators of indigenous music in Zambia and Zimbabwe, the project hopes to assist musicians earn a living from their creative efforts.


Othnell Mangoma Moyo is a dancer, actor and musician. He was born in Zimbabwe in the township of Nguboyela in Makokoba, Zimbabwe. Othnell was taught to play marimba by his brother Osward Moyo at a very early age, and today plays with his band Music According to Percussion (Harare Zimbabwe). Othnell plays many ethnomusical instruments, most of which he makes himself. He collaborates with many Zimbabwean musicians and international musicians. 

Chaka Chawarira is Mbira player from Zimbabwe whose father was a master drummer and mother a dancer. In 1965 he became a drum teacher at a mission school and met the matepe player Mathias Chidavaenzi. Chaka became instantly drawn to the complexity and power of the matepe music.
Jacob Mafulani is veteran Mbira and Marimba player from Zimbabwe who makes this own instruments and teaches children how play.
Kateba band is based in Monze, Zambia and their style of music is called Kalindula. This music is derived from the Kalindula dance of Serenje district in Central Zambia. The notable instrument in this band is the big bass string instrument that uses three stretched chords over a large resonator made from the metal part of a drum. Their melodies are composed in the African style of call and response.
Choobe Women is an all-women band from Zambia. Their music is called Bukonkoolo. Kukonkoola means to hit something. They sing in a call and response format accompanied by rhythm made using sticks.

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