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Waza radio goes on the air

For Waza, as for many other organisations and institutions, the global pandemic raised many questions about alternative dissemination methods that don’t necessarily rely on the physical gathering of people. Much of Waza’s work during 2020 and into 2021 was dedicated to developing skills and setting up tools for new dissemination strategies. 

Alongside zine publishing, internet broadcasting was explored as a new channel for dissemination. And after more than seven months of preparation, Waza Radio launched as a website and an app available for Android. The internet radio station extends Waza’s physical programming through the airwaves and is devoted exclusively to culture, highlighting the cultural activities of Lubumbashi in particular and Africa in general.

For the launch, Waza gathered five producers with different profiles: a radio journalist, a DJ, a web designer and a writer. The current programme includes a weekly cultural news magazine show and nine different radio programmes. The podcast will be updated weekly. The radio is available 24/7 and the rest of the time is filled by independent music.