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Mixed Not Diluted: A research project in search of likeness beyond difference

Lorin Sookool and Sumalgy Nuro. Image: Franziska Kas, Cape Town (SA) and Zurich (CH)

Lorin Sookool

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South Africa >> Mozambique

Mixed Not Diluted is a research project by Lorin Sookool which seeks to unearth the lived experiences of those racially mixed persons based in Mozambique. It seeks to excavate personal realities especially in relation to culture, spirituality as well as Mozambican society. Through the exploration of these personal, social and cultural complexities, Mixed Not Diluted aims to uncover how the socially-constructed idea of racial groups may inform individual and group identity.

While it is understood that the topic of mixed-raceness in Mozambique is different to that of the South African mixed-race experience historically, politically and culturally, this project aims to find associations in terms of a human-to-human similarity of people who find themselves in the non-homogenous mixed-race group; a likeness beyond skin, and towards a common spiritual seeking.

Due to the current restrictions on travel, Lorin will conduct her research via Whatsapp. This will feed into a 5-week workshop phase at the end of September where Lorin will work with Mozambican dancer/musician Sumalgy Nuro (who is based in Cape Town, South Africa) to develop a solo music-dance performance. The resulting work, performed by Sumalgy and directed by Lorin, will be video recorded and will either be presented as a live performance with a small invited audience or a screening (depending on restrictions) at Theatre Arts on 24 October 2020.

Lorin Sookool and Sumalgy Nuro. Image: Franziska Kas, Cape Town (SA) and Zurich (CH)