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Akum artist management workshops

Akum Agency


DATE Wednesday 29 & Thursday 30 April 2020

VENUE 16 Neto, Maputo

Entrance Free, limited to 10-12 artists and artist managers per day.
Primary Language: Portuguese, secondary language English.

Akum Agency website

South Africa >> Mozambique

Following on from successful workshops at Sauti za Busara, Jess White of Akum Agency will host an information and training session in Maputo for musicians and emerging managers on the basics of artist management, EPK tips, digital distribution, how to approach festivals and promoters, and music trade events.

Knowing the basics of artist management is essential for all artists wishing to make a career from their musical talent. These incubation workshops are aimed at informing musicians and emerging managers from Mozambique, South Africa and Tanzania on the basics of artist management and exporting their music, and connecting these art practitioners with other hubs in Southern and East Africa.

Jess explains that “With the ever-increasing move from physical to digital across the globe, it is of great importance for artists to be informed of their rights and options to take their music from their home country to the world.”

The Maputo workshop will cover the following content:

  • Importance of an Electronic Press Kit (EPK)
  • How to write your own biography?
  • Break-away sessions: Biography Writing
  • Break-away sessions: Photoshoot
  • How to pitch your music?
  • Getting Your Music Online.
  • How to best use social media?

Registration via email: Evaristo Abreu <ev.d.abreu@gmail.com> or Jess White <jess@akumagency.com>