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Research Residency SDC

thirdspace research residency

Maputo >> South Africa (DBN, JHB, CT) >> Maputo

thirdspace is a collaborative effort between João Roxo (Maputo) and Russel Hlongwane (Durban) that seeks to research, cartograph and aggregate the production of speculative design and more broadly, liberating speculative knowledges and narratives emerging from the continent. thirdspace revolves around the topic of global (inter)dependency, and through speculative and critical thinking as tools and practices, it discusses and reflects on global affairs from the standpoint of the Global South, with a focus on the African continent.

thirdspace identifies itself as a repository, a platform and as a collective of creative cultural agents spread across the continent and the diaspora concerned with speculative production from the realms of design, aesthetics and theory.

In the context of this research residency, João Roxo will spend time in South Africa (Durban, Johannesburg and Cape Town) in May-July 2019 hosted by collaborator Hlongwane meeting artists, theorists and producers working in the mentioned field. This time will also be used to draw the framework for the upcoming reader (thirdspace) and developing the site specificity of their exhibition titled The Hands That Feed You: Fumbatha Khangeza that arrives in Durban in November 2019.

João Roxo’s stint in South Africa will be followed by Russel Hlongwane spending time in Maputo with Roxo during the month of July developing and completing his performative recital titled Ifu Elimnyama. The three projects, thirdspace reader, Ifu Elimnyama and The Hands That Feed You are the flagship projects of thirdspace. The collaborators will also be building a distribution network of their reader through credible and appropriate retailers across the SADC region as part of this research residency.

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