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Lovatiana Rakotobe and Géraldine Leong Sang collaborate on ‘Ndao hiara handihy’

Antananarivo >> Harare

Ndao Hiara handihy (Let’s go dancing! ) is a research project designed and produced by Madagascan choreographers Lovatiana Rakotobe and Géraldine Leong Sang.

Lova and Géraldine have known each other for almost two decades. In 2017, they began on a project in which they would be both creators and performers, resulting in Ndao hiara handihy, which they toured throughout 2018.

This year they will give a final form to the project, extending the scope beyond the field of dance.  They have set themselves the challenge of linking their favourite art, dance, with other artistic forms (slam, song, music, theatre, literature, video, visual arts…) to further develop the project. Thus, this initially purely choreographic project will take on a new form.

From January to June 2019 Lova and Géraldine will meet with eighteen artists from other disciplines in Madagascar and Zimbabwe. In the second part of the year they will process the engagement and develop the project for performance in Antananarivo in September 2019.

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