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Street Art

Swiss graffiti artist Malik at City Of Gold Urban Art Festival

Pro Helvetia Johannesburg supports the presence of Swiss graffiti artist Malik at the 2018 City Of Gold Urban Art Festival in Johannesburg from 7 til 13  October.

According to organiser Jared, the aim of City Of Gold is to assist the growth of the South African graffiti and street art community by establishing Johannesburg as a destination for urban artists from around the world.

“Interaction with other artists from various backgrounds is very important for an artist, especially one with not much experience, it is instrumental in the learning process as well as providing invaluable inspiration and skills. It is difficult
for young South African artists to travel abroad and experience this, so the next best thing is to have international artists visit our city,” he says.

“Over the previous 5 festivals we have invited 25 world renown graffiti and street artists to participate in the project, all of them have left with a love for Johannesburg and have spread the word across the international street art community, putting South Africa on the map as a place to visit.”

Born in 1977 in Aarau, Malik’s artworks convey a sense of bewilderment and tear down the walls of conventionalism. Opposites collide, beauty meets revulsion, destruction faces reconstruction, in his environment and inner being.