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Performing Arts SDC

Collectif d’Art-d’Art on Residency at Modzi Arts

For the month of August, Kinshasa based Collectif d’Art-d’Art will be on a residency at Modzi Arts in Lusaka. Building from their previous stint at Modzi Arts in 2017, Collectif d’Art-d’Art continue their collaboration through a series of collaborative discussions, workshops and performances. The residency aims to focusing on the possibilities of mental decolonisation through practical engagement, starting with their own experience, and to envision ideas of new African utopias.

Inspired by the struggles of two icons of African independence, Emery Patrice Lumumba and Kenneth Kaunda, Collectif d’Art-d’Art work with Zambian artists to trace and assess the evolution of the decolonisation process against the backdrop of more than fifty years of independence.

The work will also involve opportunities to engage local publics, the outcome of which will be the starting point for a future project between Modzi Arts and the Collectif d’Art-d’Art.

The residency in Lusaka follows a working residency and performance lecture presented by Michaël Disanka and Christiana Tabaro at Waza: Centre d’art de Lubumbashi that took place during July/August.