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SDC Theatre

Bongani Masango tackles the meaning of freedom in post-colonial Africa in ‘Liberation’

Liberation is a candid and daring artistic meditation on the meaning of liberation in post- colonial Africa and will be features at this year’s Grahamstown National Arts Festival.  In this multi award winning play, the vanguards of liberation-those in the spiritual realm are angry at the betrayal of the promises of independence. But they are not the only disappointed ones.

Performances at Glennie Hall

July 2 at 10:00
July 3 at 14:00
July 4 at 15:00
July 5 at 20:00

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Beneath the deceased heroes, the country lies in turmoil and the ideals for which they fought for are in tatters. Following the story of a young activist, Tonde, Liberation tells the story of Zimbabwe and Africa; The story of a people’s revolution that has derailed.

Tonde, previously a member of the ruling revolutionary party and youth member is disillusioned with the party’s betrayal of its ideals. Tonde resents the culture of elitism and patronage that has failed to deliver freedom and prosperity for the people except for the few ruling elites. Tonde becomes a central figure of the burgeoning social movements, and rallies crowds towards dismantling patronage and oppression with the resounding call “Ahoy my citizens, ahoy!” (Viva my citizens, Viva!). A new wave of patriotic dissent is born. And is growing. The streets are quickly turned into spaces of civil protests.

So strong is the wave that it begins to cause sleepless nights for the ruling party leadership. And they have to stop this by all means necessary. When bait fails, the gloves are dropped, setting the ground for a dirty battle of survival and existence.

Set in present -day Zimbabwe, this play is Africa`s call for cleansing, re imagining, new heroes and new action.

Director: Bongani Masango
Written By: Leonard Matsa
Featured Artists: Daniel Maposa, Charles Matare, Rumbidzai Karize, Dereck Nziyakwi, Nyaradzo Nhongonhema, Francis Nyahuwa
Company: Savanna Trust

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