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SDC Visual Arts

Of traps and tropes, curated by John Fleetwood as part of the Tunisian international photography festival, Kerkennah #1

Photo: director, John Fleetwood, has been invited by Kind of Art, a Tunisian arts organisation, to curate an exhibition for the international photography festival, Kerkennah #01. The festival will take place in a shipyard on the islands of Kerkennah, off the coast of Sfax, Tunisia, from the 21-27 June 2018. Fleetwood is one of 5 international curators invited to produce an exhibition for the festival.

Of traps and tropes

Of traps and tropes looks at how photography is used to record and make history but also, how it hides, erases and manipulates history. What then becomes history is the constant, multiple and often contesting writings and rewritings that mark the de/constructions of narratives: of different ways of telling stories, of stories collapsing into stories. The Kerkennah shipyard is a setting for some of the entanglements of photography. As a space for the intricacies and complexities of construction and of labour, it reflects the ongoing encounter of researching, making, unmaking, and launching into and imagining, in the world.

Fleetwood has invited four artists from South Africa, Tunisia and India, whose video and photography works relate strongly to one another under the theme of the exhibition. Artists include Simon Gush (South Africa), Matt Kay (South Africa), Meghna Singh (India/ South Africa) and Héla Ammar (Tunisia).

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