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Artist in Residence Dance

Nadene McKenzie

Nadene McKenzie will be on a residency in Bern, Switzerland, from November 13th to the 26th 2017.

The residency is in the frame of the European Project “Moving Beyond Inclusion”  hosted by the Swiss company BewegGrund. The residency will be led by Alessandro Schiattarella as a research process for a new piece, which will be premiered in October 2018 in the Dampfzentrale Bern.

The collaboration between Alessandro, Nadene and Unmute Dance Company started in November 2016 in the frame of an artistic exchange between Unmute Dance Company and Wildwuchs Festival Basel.

While in South Africa they explored many aspects of the theme of accessibility, finding many interesting ways to represent the topic by means of dancing bodies.

The collaborations continued in may 2017, when Unmute Dance Company came to Basel; there they continued digging further on the same topic and found many interesting directions in which they could continue developing work. Namely they found a new way in which to make the audience interact with their dance.

In the choreographic research in November Nadene would like to develop a method, which will allow for the creation of an instant composition which would be able to adapt to any space and location.