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SDC Theatre

Espiritualidade na rota de Xenofobia- Spirituality in the xenophobia route

Working with issues of migration and spiritual identity, theatre director Dadivo Combane, has roposed a theatre piece departing from the question “Do we heal by remembering or forgetting?”, to be presented at the Eduardo Mondlane University and Wushini Cultural Heritage Centre.

This cross border project aims  to question the role of theatre through body, song and drum, exploring Mozambican dramaturgy in a story that talks about a migrant man in South Africa, married to a South African woman. The music from Zimbabwe justifies the proximity and border sharing that brings a kind of music and spirits that are common. The fight between Shona and Nguni spirits will be explored as well.

Rituals and dances which the significances transcend to drama are linked to history toward a specific dramaturgy from the body.

Dadivo,  was born in Mozambique, Maputo, on 6 the July, 1976. His interests in arts started in 1992 influenced by his sister. Dadivo built up his profile in Mozambican contemporary theatre as an actor, dancer and choreographer. In 1995 he founded his own company called Mahamba and was responsible for the training of more than 100 in Mozambique.

Dadivo Jose (Mozambique) and Zulu Zanele Pretty (South Africa)
Music- Brezhnev Guvheya (Zimbabwe)
Producer: Jerry Pooe and Wushini art centre
Music direction- Jerry Pooe, Brezhnev and Dadivo Jose

Writer- Dadivo Jose
Direction- Maria Atalia

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