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Maskandi Marrabenta Tour

The Maskandi Marrabenta Tour aims to develop the collaboration between two highly skilled and experienced musicians, Vukazithathe from Kwazulu Natal, South Africa and Texito Langa from Maputo, Mozambique. Bhekisenzo Cele aka Vukazithathe a multi instrumentalist from Dweshula, KZN and Texito Langa, is a multifaceted Mozambican percussionist and drummer.

The projects aspires to create a sustainable bridge/dialogue between Mozambican and South African culture through creating a fusion between two strains of very unique music styles which are ubiquitous in the respective countries. Due to the proximity of the two countries and resident populations, culture has always been exchanged quite fluidly, through migration, migrant labour systems as well as sharing in language and music. The main cultural exchange happening currently is in the space of modern/contemporary music, and there are very few avenues for these two older styles to connect and explore their shared origins, with the possibility to create something fresh.

The project further aims to neutralise xenophobic sentiments, through creating an understanding and celebration of similarities and kinship between the respective countries, rather than dwelling on differences.

Maskandi Marabenta Tour Schedule

Matola, Mozambique Pop Up Show – Fri 19th May
Azgo Festival – Sat 20th May
KZN Pop Up Shows – 22nd – 26th May
Bushfire Festival – Saturday, 27th May