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Performing Arts SDC

Dwayne Kapula: I am Gule

Installation and Performance By Kapula

I am Gule is a multi-media installation from Kapula’s  ongoing work on Migrations, Rituals as an act of Transformation and the Transformative power of the mask in the continent, which includes photographs, sound recordings, videos and interviews documented through a Ant Funding grant from Pro Helvetia Johannesburg financed by the Swiss Agency for development and cooperation (SDC) in July-August 2015.

I am Gule is a revisit of some of his early recollections, to gather the missing FRAGMENTS of my identity. Where is Home?

Gule Wamkulu as a point of reference:  “Since, I moved to South Africa, a place where being from anywhere else in AFRICA mark you as a ‘FOREIGNER’– a brand that has proved fatal. Due to economic and political instability in Zimbabwe, a large number of young people have been forced to migrated to cities like Johannesburg and Cape Town to name a few. Often referred to as ‘Makwerekwere’ African immigrants have been treated as intruders. They have learnt how to hide in the open, how to adapt and conform. They had to learn how to be inoffensive & invisible.”

This per formative installation is to be exhibited in three cities supported by an ANT Funding Grant from Pro Helvetia Johannesburg financed by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC).