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Redefining… homework

About the project:

Between April and June 2017, in partnership with Atelier Mondial and Theatre ROXY Birsfelden (Basel), artists Tegan Peacock, Jeannot Kumbonyeki, Papy Ebotani and Michel Kiyombo ), will work with each other, and at moments with Dorine Mokha, Boyzie Cekwana and Faustin Linyekula in identifying, (re)defining and naming home while on residency in Basel.  There will be a presentation of work at Theatre ROXY Birsfelden in Basel in May.

Having started the project in 2014, when the young artists were tasked with identifying, (re)defining  and naming, ‘home’. Over three intense phases in two African cities, Kisangani-DRC and Durban-RSA, spanning a period between 2014 – 2016, 8 to 10 young artists were encouraged and prodded to re-imagine and begin the arduous work of articulating and then defending their place as artists and citizens, wherever they find themselves.

ROXY Birsfelden – http://www.theater-roxy.ch/
Atelier Mondial – http://www.ateliermondial.com/en/home.html
Migros Kulturprozent – www.migros-kulturprozent.ch/de/home

Floating Outfit Project –
Studios Kabako – http://www.kabako.org/