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Norient: Seismographic Sounds – Visions of a New World

The second Norient book Seismographic Sounds – Visions of a New World introduces the reader to a contemporary world of distinct music, sounds and music videos.

Produced in oftentimes small studios from Jakarta to La Paz, Cape Town to Helsinki, these works experiment with possibilities of the Internet age and illuminate new spaces beyond the confines of commercialism, propaganda, and bigotry, covering topics including: music and money, music and loneliness, music and war, exotica, gender, sampling-culture, and post-digital pop.

The South African launches to be held at King Kong in Jo’burg and at Sunnyside Studios in Cape Town, will include local and Swiss live acts and panel discussions.  Some of the artists that have been confirmed to perform include Umlilo, Stash Crew and Dope Saint Jude, with many more to be confirmed.

Norient searches for new music, sounds and noises from around the planet. Through the Norient Online Magazine, the Norient Musikfilm Festival, performances, books, documentary films, traveling exhibitions and radio programs the hope is to orient and disorient readers, listeners and spectators; find out about strong, fragile and challenging artistic positions in today’s fast moving, globalized, digitized and urbanized world; and discuss current issues critically, from different perspectives, close to musicians and their networks.