Our Offices & Partners Abroad

For detailed information please click on the offices and cultural centres below. For further information on the headquarters in Zurich please go to: www.prohelvetia.ch


Barbara Ellenberger | Residency [Mpumalanga]

Swiss theatre professional Barbara Ellenberger has begun her residency at the home of the Forgotten Angle Theatre Collaborative (FATC) at the Ebhudlweni Arts Centre in rural Mpumalanga, South Africa. Working closely with managing and artistic director PJ Sabbagha from August to December 2022, they will be exploring the impact of climate change on artistic practice. …


Atiyyah Khan | Research trip [Basel, etc.]

Atiyyah Khan is a South African arts journalist, DJ, record collector, researcher visiting Switzerland for a research trip from 1 to 30 September 2022. She is using Basel as her base but will be moving throughout the country. Her stay is multi-faceted and connects archival research along with her work both as a journalist and …


Thando Mangcu | Residency

Thando Mangcu is a South African performer, director and writer. She will be an artist in residence at Théâtre du Grütli in Geneva from 29 August to 27 November 2022, during which time she looks forward to working and being part of the creative community at Grütli. “This residency will be an opportunity to expand …


Koleka Putuma | Research Trip

“The Theatre of Beauty” is a research project by Koleka Putuma, an award-winning South African theatre practitioner, writer and poet, that investigates the relationship between plant medicine and storytelling. It is a work in search of connections between ancestry, history, memory, and practices of storytelling. It is also a work in search of the tensions …


Benjamin Jephta | Research Trip

South African bassist and composer Benjamin Jephta will be on a research trip in Basel from 19 August to 19 September 2022. During this time he plans to develop compositions and collaborations with Swiss artists already in his network and beyond. Benjamin is also interested in expanding his “Global Jazz concept”, which involves exploring a …


Andrei van Wyk | Research Trip

South African musician and sound artist Andrei van Wyk’s work focuses on hypertextuality, experimental composition, muzak and the relationship between sound, noise and music within the context of human experience. His practice moves away from sound as purely aesthetic to expand on how sound widens historical narratives. His practice incorporates sound-collage, plunderphonics and free improvisation, …


Luca Forcucci | Residency

Visual mental imagery in the sonic arts with an emphasis on the act of listening and sonic imagination has been the focus of artist and electroacoustic composer Luca Forcucci’s practice and research for the last two decades. Luca will be on residency in Ghana from 8 August to 13 September 2022 to develop his long-term …


Anke Zürn | Residency

Swiss visual artist Anke Zürn will be on residency in Senegal in May and July-August 2022, during which time she will initiate her new project BLUE GOLD, exploring indigo traditions worldwide. Her new long-term project “THE BLUE HERBARIUM” materializes her research process on indigo dye plants, merging materials collected during her residencies and research trips. …


Andrea Keller | Residency

Swiss writer and cultural practitioner Andrea Keller is convinced of the value and effectiveness of well-told stories to shape public imaginaries. During her residency in Libreville, Gabon from July – August 2022 she will talk with local artists, NGO workers as well as eco-guides and seek contact with Gabon’s wilderness. Her research work is entitled …